Internship in the ‘Friesische Schafskäserei’ (Friesian sheep dairy), part 1

By Corinne Feldmann – MSc student

After finishing my master thesis with the RSO department and FiBL in Switzerland, I decided to do some more ‘practical work’ during the internship for my MSc Organic Agriculture.

So, here I am…on an organic sheep dairy farm in Northern Germany. The tourists are not yet here, since it is icy and cold – not very attractive for holidays right now. But in a few weeks they are supposed to come in order to visit the farm, look at the sheep, and try the cheese.

Right now the lambs are getting born. They are cute but freezing outside in the stable – just like me. There are quite a lot of lambs already, so that we will start to milk the sheep soon and than we can also start to produce cheese…for all the expected tourists.

2 thoughts on “Internship in the ‘Friesische Schafskäserei’ (Friesian sheep dairy), part 1

  1. great thinking dear corinne, have my best wishes for your work. what are you doing now a days and what is the result of your work. please do share bcz i am also working here in pakistan on rural development through initiating small farm business. and you kow organic farming and sheep farms is a briliant idea for my people.

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