Internship in the ‘Friesische Schafskäserei’ (Friesian sheep dairy), part 2

By Corinna Feldmann – MSc Student

March, 13th
Life on the sheep farm is very busy right now. More and more lambs are getting born, which have to be fed and of course more sheep have to be milked. All the milk is now used for cheese production, as we are expecting many tourists during the Easter holidays. I am already looking forward to the first guided tours and cheese tastings on the sheep farm. And I am interested to find out about the reasons for tourists to visit a farm during their holidays. Right now we have a lot to do to manage all the preparations. I hope the weather will be better soon, so that at least the sheep can get out of the stable and into the fields…

March, 21st
Finally spring arrived in Northern Friesland; the snow melted and the grass is turning green. Early spring flowers are blossoming. Hopefully the sheep and lambs can be sent out to the fields soon. Many of the lambs are already big enough to survive without their mothers. So, now we can concentrate on cheese making and selling. During the Easter holidays the first visitors are expected. But some of the cheeses still need to ripe in the cellar; they will be ready in May, when the tourist season begins.