Eat-in’s. Delicious Protest

Two Eat-in’s in two weeks; it is the newest trend. Eat-ins are an opportunity to meet colleagues from other groups, such as today in our first Eat-in at work. Eat-ins are dinners where, good, clean and fair food is being shared in a public place. Since those adjectives to the food are lacking in our canteen (see earlier blogs on an arising lunch food market) the Eat-in provided delicious home cooked lunch for some 30 people. We were told of course that we could not do this, that we could not bring home cooked food and share it, that we could not nibble from 20 different dishes. It is somehow different from bringing your home cooked lunch in a lunchbox for yourself only. The collective meal was a statement which did not need any additional words.

The next Eat in is organised by Rural Wageningen Foundation (RUW), the Farmer Foundation (Boerengroep) and Study Group Biological Farming on the 30th of September, 18.00 hours at Experimental Farm ‘Droevendaal’ (Kielekampsesteeg 32, Wageningen).  

Delores Park SF 2008


According their press release, an Eat-In is also a potluck: a gathering of people where each person or group of people contributes a dish of food to be shared among the group. So bring your own food! At the same time local farmers and cooks will present themselves and sell food at a regional food market. But it’s more…Wageningen students, farmers and cooks will meet. Besides, in short interviews (max. 3 minutes) different actors (e.g. scientists, farmers) will answer the question: What do you contribute to our food? 

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