DERREG Special Issues European Countryside

The EU FP7 funded project DERREG has come to an end, but various publications are foreseen. The first set of 11 articles are published in two Special Issues of the European Countryside, an open access Journal, edited by Michael Woods and John McDonagh:

Special Issue 1: Volume 3, Number 3 / 2011

Special Issue 2: Volume 4, Number 1 / 2012

 The 11 articles are listed below including a hyperlink to the full text in pdf.

1. Michael Woods & John McDonagh: Rural Europe and the world: Globalization and rural development (editorial)

2. Andrew Copus, Alexandre Dubois & Moa Hedström: Expanding horizons: local embeddedness and local engagement among small firms in the European countryside

3. Irma Potočnik-Slavič: Irma Potočnik-Slavič: The relevance of linking favourable business environments with embeddedness SMEs in rural areas of the Goriška region, Slovenia

4. Milada Šťastná, Tereza Kniezková & Miloslava Náplavová: Embedding of rural businesses in the South Moravian region

5. Wioletta Frys & Birte Nienaber: Protected areas and regional development: conflicts and opportunities – presented on the example of the UNESCO biosphere reserve Bliesgau

6. Wiebke Wellbrock, Dirk Roep & Johannes S.C. Wiskerke: An integrated perspective on rural regional learning

7. María Dolores Domínguez García, Paul Swagemakers, Bettina B. Bock & Xavier Simón Fernández: Making a living: Grassroots development initiatives, natural resource management and institutional support in Galicia, Spain

8. Maura Farrell, Marie Mahon & John McDonagh: The rural as a return migration destination

 9. Barbara Lampic & Irena Mrak: Globalization and foreign amenity migrants: the case of foreign home owners in the Pomurska region in Slovenia

10. Robert Nadler: Should I stay or should I go? International migrants in the rural town of Zittau (Saxony) and their potential impact on rural development

11. Birte Nienaber, Wioletta Frys: International labour migration in European rural regions – the example of Saarland, Germany