Eco Intensive Agriculture Conference proceedings

The proceedings of the Eco Intensive Agriculture Conference are available at the website of the Netherlands Institute of Ecology (NIOO-KNAW). Rural Sociology was represented by our chair prof. Han Wiskerke and Jessica Duncan (Food Governance).

Jessica Duncan’s Pecha Kucha (a presentation of 6:20 with a series of 20 slides that change every 20 seconds) was called ‘Governing the Doughnut: the role of scientists in transformations towards sustainable food systems‘, watch the video above.

Han Wiskerke was one of the six key note speakers, presenting ‘Eco-intensive agriculture and the provision of public goods‘. All six key note speakers were asked to make short statements on four questions and this was recorded. These short video are also available at the NIOO website. Below the answer to question 4: What step is needed now?

3 thoughts on “Eco Intensive Agriculture Conference proceedings

  1. Jessica,

    I enjoyed your presentation. Good will always be Good and Bad will always be Bad. As a non Scientist working on several pathways to feed the 9 Billion without causing damage to the environment, I think it is very important to have healthy conversations. It is from these conversations that issues are raised, and science is advanced. For me it certainly is not about condemning the powerful, although I think sometimes the focus gets hijacked.

    As an example, in the 60’s people spoke out about tobacco. It took several decades for the truth to come out that Smoking causes Cancer. Thank God that they spoke out, as millions have benefited from their efforts.

    This is very thought provoking, and I enjoyed your work. Thank you.

    Aaron Morrison

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