Master thesis with RSO

Rural Sociology welcomes all students with an interest in the sociology of food, agriculture and place.

Different master programmes and specializations give access to RSO thesis supervision. Students should check with their study adviser if they meet the requirements for an RSO thesis. Additionally, students should also be aware that we encourage a good knowledge of qualitative methods. The methodological requirements are not always part of the master programmes but possessing a expertise in qualitative research methods would facilitate the thesis research a lot.

Thesis requirements per master programme

  1. Master International Development Studies, Specialization Sociology of Development
  2. Master Communication, Health and Life Sciences, Specialization Health and Society
  3. Master Organic Agriculture, Specialization Sustainable Food Systems.
  4. Master Food Technology, Specialization Gastronomy
  5. Master Development and Rural Innovation (NEW!)
  6. MSc Landscape Architecture and Planning

Thesis supervision

Thesis supervision is decided through an intake with education coordinator Jessica de Koning. Book an appointment with her via her online scheduling page.

Thesis Skills

Since 2019, Rural Sociology has developed an online education platform for students on research and writing skills. This platform is designed in Brightspace and called Thesis Skills. We strongly recommend that students make use of Thesis Skills as it facilitates the thesis project a lot. For registration, contact Jessica de Koning.