Foundation for Tomorrow (Koken voor Morgen)

Friday the 15th of January I was at the closing event of the Foundation for Tomorrow workshop cycle which aims to educate women about the water footprint of home cooking. The women who attended the cooking workshops were awarded a special certificate to acknowledge their expertise on cooking home made meals more sustainably. More that 70 women attended the ceremony, most of them are of a Turkish background.

The Foundation for Tomorrow (Stichting voor Morgen) is the initiative of Sevim Zor, who is a ICT software engineer working in the Netherlands, but with a background in Turkey. Sevim started the Foundation in order to make available scientific information about water footprint in an easily understandable way for practical situations in daily life. One of the projects is a series of ten workshops Cook for Tomorrow (Koken voor Morgen), which were given in low income neighborhoods in The Hague aimed at people of different ethnic backgrounds. Workshop participants are stimulated to cook their (traditional) dishes with produce grown regionally (rather than in their country of origin), and also to store them properly in order to avoid wasting food. Continue reading