Thesis during a pandemic

At RSO, we will do our best to find you a thesis topic that can be executed during the current pandemic.

Thesis vacancies

For students looking to find a thesis topic, check out our list of vacancies here.

Thesis plans in 2020-2021

Many of our students travel abroad to do their thesis and regard this time as a highlight of their master programme. But we have to be very cautious and flexible now and be ready to adapt thesis plans. For now we have designed the following plan that will set students up for a safe and sound thesis project.

  1. Students planning to do a thesis with RSO have to book an intake meeting with education coordinator Jessica de Koning as earliest as possible. Book your appointment via this link.
  2. Students make a plan for their thesis especially regarding the travel abroad. This plan is based on the following information and should be discussed with supervisor before proceeding to the proposal phase:
    1. Checking the WUR COVID-19 guidelines and updates regarding travel advice and what to do with potential study delays. This website gives you information on the planning and possibilities (logistics) of your thesis.
    2. Check the travel information:
      1. From 15 june to 31 August:
        1. Students are allowed to travel within the Netherlands for thesis and internship.
        2. Travel to other countries for thesis and internship purposes is not allowed.
        3. Travel to your home country for private reasons is allowed.
      2. From 1 september onwards:
        1. Students are allowed to travel for thesis and internship within Europe well as Aruba, Curacao, Sint Maarten, Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and only if those countries are indicated as green or yellow by the Dutch Foreign Affairs and only with an approved travel request.
        2. Students are allowed to travel to their home country for thesis and internship purposes and only if those countries are indicated as green or yellow by the Dutch Foreign Affairs and only with an approved travel request.
        3. Please note that no student is allowed to go to an orange-coded or red-coded country.
      3. Go to the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs about the status of the country, click here for a general overview and here for the travel advice per country.
      4. The WUR  Travel Policy for Students  also gives concrete information and steps to be taken. It includes the necessary forms to request a travel. Read these carefully and plan ahead when applying for travel approval.
    3. Make a plan B that includes no travel and/or methods that are allowed under the current restrictions

Brightspace thesis skills

To support thesis students, we have created an online learning platform on Brightspace called Thesis Skills. We have added a section in thesis skills on how to proceed with a thesis during the pandemic and also included an overview of methods that allows you to do research under the current restrictions. If you want to be added to Thesis Skills, you can sent Jessica de Koning an email with your name and your supervisor.